Sanjay Khan

One of the most popular Indian actors of his time, Sanjay Khan is also a writer, director and producer. He made his acting debut with the award-winning war epic Haqeeqat (1964), followed by the smash hit Dosti the same year. Hit after hit followed including Dus Lakh (1966), Intaquam (1969), Ek Phool Do Mali (1969) and Babul Ki Galiyaan (1972). He starred alongside his brother Feroz Khan in Upaasna (1971), Mela (1971) and Nagin (1976). In 1977, Khan made his directorial debut with Chandi Sona, the first film to be shot in Mauritius, followed by Abdullah (1980) and Kala Dhanda Goray Log (1986). He has had a successful directorial career in television as well with credits including The Sword of Tipu Sultan (1990), The Great Maratha (1994) and Jai Hanuman (1997).