Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor is President of Production at Bryan Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions. While at Bad Hat Harry, he has Co-Produced several blockbusters, most notably the X:Men First Class Trilogy "X-Men: First Class," "X-Men:Days Of Future Past," and "X-Men:Apocalypse." He has produced several independent projects, most notably, the British thriller "uwantme2killhim?" and Netflix favorite "The Taking of Deborah Logan." Documentary projects included "Look Up In The Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman" and "The Valkyrie Legacy" which tied into the releases of "Superman Returns" and "Valkyrie" respectively. 

In television at Bad Hat Harry, he worked on "House M.D." and produced the Amy Holden Jones series "Black Box" for ABC and the David Shore and Vince Gilligan's series "Battle Creek" for CBS. 

He is currently credited as Co-Executive Producer of the F/X series "Legion." Jason also produced the award winning and critically acclaimed digital series H+ for YouTube and Warner Brothers.