Monkey King: Hero Is Back

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Director: Tian Xiao Peng
China | 2015
89 min


With the voices of Jackie Chan, Lei Zhang, Zijie Lin, Wenlun Wu

Thrilling animated version of a Chinese legend.

The all-powerful Monkey King once roamed freely between Heaven and Earth, but after angering the Gods, he was imprisoned within an ice cage deep within the mountains. Five hundred years later, monsters attack a small village and a child flees to the mountains. Unknowingly, the child releases the Monkey King from his curse. With the help and encouragement from this special child, Monkey King saves the village from the evil monsters. The film won Best Animated Feature at the Golden Rooster Awards and was nominated in the same category at the Golden Horse Film Festival. It was also nominated for a Gold Panda for Best Directing for an Animation at the Sichuan TV Festival.

Screening Venues

Date Sunday 8 October 2017
Dialogue/ (Subtitle) CHI/ (ENG)
Time 11h00